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Targeting media to support PSHE

We are very pleased to see that the annual statistics just published by ONS that show teenage pregnancy is at its lowest rate for more than 20 years.

TenNine has supported the work of PSHE Coordinators and Youth Workers with teenage pregnancy posters and the distribution of complementary material many times in recent years.  We have facilitated national campaigns in schools and colleges by central government and delivered local government advertising.  Closely targeted media supporting the key mentoring work that teachers and youth workers provide delivers the right messages to young people where they spend most of their time.

Independent research shows how effective targeted messages are in the hothouse school environment, with average awareness levels at over 80%.

We know from our collaboration with our members just how committed educators and Youth Workers are to making a difference in this area, and whilst there is a long way to go, we would like to applaud the success of our colleagues in schools and clubs!

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  1. Lee Smith says:

    Whilst this is an admirable initiative, and TenNine most certainly provide an ideal platform, shouldn’t this element of education start at home? Television isn’t helping matters – take a current storyline in Eastenders where a school age girl has become pregnant and her stepmother suggested an abortion. Surely this is not a suitable message to be sent out to impressionable pubescents?

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