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Advertising Association prepares “Children’s Ethical Communications Kit”

What a truly sensible initiative from the Advertising Association (AA) in looking to launch an online service to help companies develop responsible products and campaigns which target children. Debate regarding advertising and marketing to children is so often geared to a strain of Pavlov’s dogs, knee jerk reaction which says simply that it is all wrong.  What is said and written is usually well intentioned but also way too simplistic; you have to keep an eye on the baby when you empty that bathwater!

At TenNine we are impressed by the involvement we have had with the AA, we like their pragmatism, their ability to see what needs doing and to get it done. Their development of a Children’s Ethical Communications Kit, to help promote best practice to companies looking to develop products, services and campaigns aimed at children, is so typical of the organisation. Clients currently standing on the sidelines will be able to obtain advice regarding Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations and industry best practice guidelines, in order to make decisions about advertising and marketing activity. No reputable company wants to be exposed to ridicule or to misjudge the tone or direction of their promotional spend. This new initiative can only serve the interests of society as a whole, of concerned parents/guardians and of clients with a youth message that has them procrastinating. Well done the AA!


  1. bob wootton says:

    Inappropriately- and insensitively-placed advertising is something that consistently raises the public’s and consumer groups’ hackles.

    As the representative body of leading British advertisers, ISBA is a key stakeholder in the advertising industry’s effective and well-regarded self-regulation of advertising content. We believe strongly in, and tirelessly urge our members to practice, self-responsible advertising.

    Anything which facilitates open and intelligent dialogue on the matter, such as Talking To Youth, is therefore to be welcomed.

  2. […] Check is driven by the Advertising Association, and as the leading supplier of poster campaigns in secondary schools and youth centres, TenNine has been involved from the start.  Bob Strawbridge blogged about the initiative here. […]

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