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“Extremely humbling”

Finally some positive news from our friends over the pond at Facebook following what their top brass have referred to as an ‘extremely humbling’ few weeks.

New improved and, more importantly, simpler privacy options are to be rolled out, so users will no longer have to wrestle with the 50 different privacy settings and 170 options currently baffling anyone trying to protect their data.

But crucially it’s still not clear if this means the sale of personal data without reference to the user has stopped outright, or if it just gives the originator of the data the option to not have it sold on by selecting the right privacy settings.  If it is still an opt-out option hidden behind a flummery of complex settings, Facebook may still have some way to go.

And in all this huffing and puffing I hope the CEOP button hasn’t been forgotten…

(Opting in has drawbacks too...)

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