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Who ate all the the humble pies?

Another day eating humble pie over at Facebook central!

According to early reports hitting the UK news wires, after eight months of saying the CEOP panic button is unnecessary, Facebook have made a complete climbdown and the button will now appear on user profile pages.

It’s not clear so far what timelines they will work to, but Talking to Youth is happy that adding its voice to those of every Police Force in Great Britain, the UK Government, CEOP and many hundreds of thousands of concerned parents has helped in some way to get Facebook to examine their priorities and make the necessary changes.

Yesterday the founder of Facebook stated that his past few weeks had been humbling.  His company has clearly been extraordinarily successful in devoloping probably the world’s most successful social network site; we hope that now they will now develop the extraordinary sense of social responsibility that is needed for a role of that magnitude

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