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E Tenebris Lux (From the darkness, light)

In March I blogged about a film called Shank; a controversial movie addressing issues of gang violence and how to react to it.

The characters have to decide how to respond when one of them is killed, and despite their initial instinct for revenge, they eventually decide to walk away.

Together we can stop knife crime

Count Us In

The film was well received by critics (see The Independent’s review here) and received a seal of approval from the Damilola Taylor Trust.

TenNine had been asked to carry posters for the cinema release of the film, which we did as we felt it complemented the other campaigns against knives and violence we had carried this academic year.

My blog piece put it into this context (you can read it here).

We’ve now been asked to publicise the DVD release, which we’re again very happy to do.

The poster is very similar to the original for the Cinema release, but it now also includes a promotion for Count Me In, a movement organised by Families Utd (motto: E Tenebris Lux) and trying to mobilise a critical mass against knife crime.  Count Me In is supported by the Ben Kinsella and Damilola Taylor Trusts among 37,360 others (and counting!).  Get on board here – we did!

The film is aimed at 15-24 year-olds and features music by Bashy, Tynchy Stryder, Tempz, Donaeo, Dotstar and Skepta.  Starring Kaya Scodelario, Bashy, Jan Uddin and Jennie Jacques this movie may not make the family viewing schedule on Christmas TV.  It certainly isn’t something you’d want tweens to watch, coming with a 15 certificate from the BBFC.  But it does get you thinking, which is what it sets out to do.

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