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August, 2010:

They know where you are! (Because you told them…)

FaceBook already knows what you do, who your partner is, who your friends are, and what you think, just because they asked you.  It has such byzantine privacy settings, and makes actually leaving and wiping your data such an unnecessarily complicated process, that web forums are full of people trying to get away from FaceBook and finding it extremely difficult.  And now FaceBook wants you to tell it where you are with the arrival of FaceBook Places.  Why on Earth would you want to tell them?


How to get the most important messages through to young people, where they absolutely can’t miss them?  Simple, really – have a look at this!

Are you talking to me?

What do young people actually think about the advertising aimed at them?  Check out this video to see how school pupils and their educators appreciate effective messaging!

Not Just a Club

Youth clubs do so much more than it says on the tin!  Watch this video from Clubs For Young People – 1 minute 44 very well spent (not sure about the music though…)