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CHECK – Children’s Ethical Communications Kit

“CHECK – all kids’ rules under one roof”

At TenNine, we’ve been in the business of communication with young people for years.

We’ve always put ethics at the top of the list when we decide which bookings to accept, which is why over 1000 schools and clubs are happy to work with us.

So we are very pleased to welcome CHECK, the Advertising Association’s Children’s Ethical Communications Kit.

CHECK is a website where you can find all children’s regulations, for every marketing and communications technique that anyone ever invented, explained simply and right there in one place.

CHECK is driven by the Advertising Association, and as the leading supplier of poster campaigns in secondary schools and youth centres, TenNine has been involved from the start.  Bob Strawbridge blogged about the initiative here.

Communicating with children and young people can be difficult and sensitive territory. Different regulators are responsible for different aspects of the commercial world, so it can be hard to keep up with which rules apply where.  As a result, people can get it wrong, or simply give up, meaning there’s less investment and less competition.

Working with the Advertising Association we have helped to develop a solution. It’s called CHECK, which stands for Children’s Ethical Communications Kit, a website that has all children’s regulations, for every marketing and communications technique that anyone ever invented, simply explained and right there in one place.

The industry needs to take seriously the absolute imperative to act responsibly where children and young people are concerned. Not doing so is damaging not only to young people, but to advertisers as well; for the industry’s reputation, for client relationships, for brands and for the person that gets it wrong.

As marketing has become more sophisticated it becomes harder for businesses, particularly start-up companies operating online, to keep track of regulations, codes and best practice.  CHECK provides a single resource for practitioners wanting to check all the dos and don’ts when communicating with children and young people.

CHECK does not replace or re-write the rules, it simply brings them together in one place.  It has been reviewed by the authorities, practitioners and trade bodies and will be regularly updated.

It underpins industry efforts to deliver good practice and responsibility when marketing or communicating with children.  Children are well protected by the rules that exist, but CHECK will encourage better compliance and responsibility.

TenNine welcomes CHECK as a key contribution to responsibility and self regulation in youth media.  The final word on what is appropriate and relevant for young people outside their homes will always be with school principals, teachers and youth workers.  We always consult them about the designs we put forward and while they all have different views, our members trust TenNine only to put forward suitable material.  CHECK will help to make sure that the same standards will be applied by the whole industry.

We are very happy to be a part of it.

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  1. Nicky Smith says:

    This is a great initiative, a good application of common sense in an increasingly complicated world! Well done to the AA and TenNine

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