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Regulation is key to positive pester power

In response to your cover story “Pester Power” (MW last week), the key problem is regulating the consumption of advertisers’ messages. Those who are not he intended target audience pick them up sometimes. It is estimated that children in London receive 400 advertising messages per day many aimed at adults. Young people need to assimilate, while they are still children, the knowledge to make informed decisions and to act responsibly.

We know that advertising which is directed at children is highly effective, this is the real fuel behind the current debate. The word “advertising” has come to carry some heavy baggage but let’s not forget that at root it simple means to attempt to make something more widely known. The key thing then is to remember that the vehicle of advertising can produce both a positive or negative result.

It is the responsibility, therefore, of those of us who work in the industry and those who use our services, to focus on positive and regulated messaging that enhances children’s lifestyles. What is needed is the opportunity for the positive message, often the modest budget, to speak loudly and the voice of commerce to be more muted.

Marketing week, 31st January 2008

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