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TenNine and Talking to Youth understand the value of a sound research base to any media offering.

From the outset we have been concerned with supplying the media planner core information to make informed decisions regarding our medium.

Effective messages to young people

Relevance to teenagers + peer interaction = really effective campaign!

The outdoor (poster) industry audience research tool, POSTAR has a first demographic of 15 -24 and therefore was not available to us, given our 11 – 18 audience. We did however recognise the requirement to develop a currency similar to other media industry tools and also the requirement that any research should be independently conducted.

After deliberation and discussions with a number of research companies we appointed the Havas owned HEIST company as our research partners.

HEIST are well known and respected in both Education and research circles and they have nearly thirty years of experience in the secondary education arena.

OTS  (Opportunities to see)

Dwell Time



Post Campaign Analysis

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