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Clearly the purpose of any client placing a message is ultimately to create awareness of that message. Whilst delivering high levels of repetition and in some locations extended dwell time it was also necessary to consider the awareness benefit prompted by these TenNine panel attributes.

Heist researchers asked students if they were aware of certain posters which had been displayed in their school.

The posters used were de-branded, so that the student had to identify the advertiser in each case. The posters used for the research had only been displayed in school.

Remarkable levels of awareness were recorded with an average of 80%+ and one particular film release delivering more than 90%. Possibly related to these strong results was the fact that some 95% of students responding to the research were positive about the panels being in their school.

These awareness levels were far in excess of those delivered by the average roadside poster campaign, which the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA) reported as 28%.

Marketing week magazine was moved to comment that TenNine’s panels could seemingly:

“pressure cook” hitherto unprecedented levels of prompted awareness across the core target audience”.
(Marketing Week – Trends Insight 30th Nov 06)

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