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Dwell Time

Many of TenNine’s panels are located in areas where students linger for periods of time such as e.g. the refectory and particularly the sixth form common room.

Whilst the panels in high traffic areas around the school achieve multiple impacts over a two week period, the time spent in the presence of the message has a different but equally important effect.

HEIST’s research on our behalf asked sixth form students to complete a diary of visits to and timed duration of stay in their common room over a two week period.

The results showed average visits/OTS to be 3.13 per day and cumulative dwell time over a two week period to be in excess of 12 hours (742 mins).

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  1. […] But how do you get the ball rolling? How do you generate sufficient awareness and interest to get the playground viral buzz started?  Mobiles can’t be used in most schools; web access is usually restricted, so you have to use a medium that works best with what the school structure provides plenty of – dwell time. […]

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