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UCAS data for 2007 and 2008 showing applications to Birmingham City University from individual schools and colleges demonstrated marked changes linked with in-school poster activity.

Some 33 schools had BCU in top six choice status in 2007 and 26 of these schools retained this status in 2008. The schools retaining top six status averaged 3.12 two week display periods of BCU posters during the two year period.

Of the seven schools which slipped from top six status, two slipped to top 15 and five out of the rankings altogether. These seven schools averaged just 0.9 display periods in this two year period.

27 schools had top 15 status in 2007 and six of these rose to top six status by 2008. These six schools averaged 2.67 two week six sheet display periods during this two year period.

Seven schools maintained top 15 status, averaging 1.43 display periods in the two years.

Some 14 schools fell out of top 15 status, averaging just 0.29 display periods in the two years.

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