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OTS (Opportunities to see)

The first benchmark that we sought to establish was a simple opportunities to see (OTS) measure for our poster panels in secondary schools and sixth form colleges.

It was important to establish how often the average student passed the average TenNine panel, with a real opportunity to see it, in each school day.

HEIST’s ingenious solution to this question was to link students timetables to panel placement and to have students in a supervised session, complete a questionnaire pinpointing their movements through the school.
In this way it was possible to establish, for example, that a student going from period 1 Physics to period 2 French, habitually took the same route around the school and therefore always passed the TenNine panel in the direction that it was facing.

By relating timetables to the geographical placement of panels and by sampling more than 700 students in schools and colleges nationally, HEIST were able to establish that the average student is exposed to a TenNine panel 2.3 times per day, 23 times per fortnight.

Follow up research some months later with 1,000+ respondents, produced a slightly enhanced result of 2.5 times per day, 25 times per fortnight.

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