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Post Campaign Analysis – awareness & uptake

TenNine’s secondary school platform was selected as a part of a youth focused advertising campaign by the DoH for Teenage Pregnancy awareness.

There were two key strands to this activity, firstly to raise the profile of the campaign amongst teenagers in England, and also to drive traffic to their newly launched youth information website

6 sheet posters were displayed on a national basis in secondary schools across England, targeting 14 and 15 year old boys and girls.

To create further engagement, TenNine project managed the distribution of informative Z-cards into hand by the actual form tutors to the target age-group.

The campaign ran for a fortnight and independent research developed between Heist (higher education information services trust) and the COI recorded fantastic results:

• Campaign Awareness = 88% (average roadside 6 sheet awareness = 26%)
• Awareness of the website increased 96% post campaign
• Traffic to the site increased 67% post campaign

The campaign has since been repeated across the TenNine platform with a fresh creative approach.

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