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6Music saved by record audience

The BBC Trust has delighted thousands of music fans by saying that “the case has not been made for the closure of 6 Music”  and that there is “significant public support for the service” given that 78% of almost 50,000 online responses to the BBC’s consultation on its Strategic Review focused principally on 6 Music.  Listening figures have significantly increased since the proposal to axe the service and this record audience seems to have saved the station.  The same has not happened for the Asian Network, another digital radio station earmarked for possible closure.

Facebook to bolt stable door… maybe

It’s good to see that Facebook staff are apparently sitting down today to finally get to grips with privacy issues.  Everyone’s privacy should be taken seriously, but when millions of teenagers and children are involved, security becomes absolutely essential.

I blogged here about the Facebook’s baffling refusal to include the CEOPS panic button, despite the request from all UK police forces.  That attitude, the software flaw that allowed access to contact details (since fixed) and now the giving to third party websites of permission to post users’ views without their specific consent, all betray a complete failure of the security responsibilities of Facebook to keep up with its data-sharing culture.