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Ian Alexander

Giving Science a Rocket

With the General Election only a matter of a month or so away, I’m looking forward to familiar pledges from all the parties, particularly on ‘education, education, education’ (which I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere before…)

Official statistics are bandied about to show that universities are attracting more applicants than ever before, which sounds great, but the suggestion that students may be choosing subjects that are perceived as more enjoyable or maybe even the ‘course of least resistance’ in order to obtain a degree refuses to go away.  So while I’m sure Media Studies has some relevance to this industry, it’s hardly rocket science is it?  Now there’s that crucial word: Rocket!  No, sorry: Science!

Soccer One and HBOS onside again

Halifax Bank of Scotland again chose to promote their Soccer One football programme for 2010 in schools using TenNine posters.

Scotland has undergone a massive schools rebuilding programme with many mergers and changes of management, and TenNine has expanded their recruitment of new member schools as well as extending their Youth Centres project into Scotland to keep their portfolio abreast of the changes.

Given the bad press banks have had over the last 18 months, this is an excellent way for them to underline the good work they do in developing youth sports.