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Youth Clubs

TenNine is the UK’s leading commercial partner for secondary education delivering responsible messaging to schools and colleges nationwide.

Currently, over 800 schools and colleges are benefiting from our scheme. In fact, there are probably some near you that are enjoying a steady income right now, simply by displaying our posters.

Fully supported by the National Association of Clubs for Young People (CYP), we would like to build upon the success of ourpartnership with secondary education providers by offering your club the chance to apply for membership of our Youth Clubs scheme.

Our concept is simple yet incredibly effective. ThroughTenNine, responsible organisations can communicate directly with exactly the groups they are trying to reach – in the case of Youth Clubs, 11-19 year olds – via the colourful medium of our posters.

And, because we are an ethically based company, you can rest assured that we never provide inappropriate material for display. What’s more,you have our guarantee that you will always have total control over the messages that are displayed at your club.

As well as gaining a useful income stream for displaying our posters, extra funds will sometimes be available for distributing additional material or participating in research.

The TenNine Youth Clubs project is a fast-growing platform offering responsible organisations direct communication with 11-19 year olds.

Launched in partnership with Clubs for Young People (CYP), it supports the invaluable opportunities clubs provide and offers filtered and appropriate messages in a secure environment.

You can rest assured that every message shown is suitable for the age group. In order to guarantee this, we work within Best Practice principles and refuse any material we feel is inappropriate. We have never, for instance, carried fast food or sugary drinks promotions.

In addition, you can have complete confidence that if you are not 100% comfortable, you will always have the power to veto anything offered for display.

Independent research in schools shows TenNine panels communicate key messages very effectively and that young people see the displays as a welcome addition to their schools and colleges. We genuinely believe that this would also be the case in Youth Clubs.

Please feel free to browse our website. We hope it will give you a good idea of how we operate and we would be delighted to answer any other questions you may have: you can find our contact details here

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